concrete mixer air cooler

The hydraulic transit mixer oil cooler is composed of various parts. Let us know the name and function of the parts on the hydraulic oil cooler today.

Transit Mixer Oil Cooler–Oil Tank

The oil tank of the transit mixer the oil cooler is used to store hydraulic oil. Usually, the mixer truck uses 18 liters or 26 liters, and its maximum working pressure is 2MPa.

Oil Level Observation Window

The oil level observation window can be used to observe the level of the hydraulic oil. It should be observed before working every day to ensure that the system is with enough oil (the oil level should not be lower than half of the observation window).

Transit Mixer Truck Oil CoolerPressure Gauge

The pressure gauge can monitor whether the filter is blocked and whether the oil suction is smooth. Under normal situations, the pointer does not move at the green zero position. If the pointer moves, it means that the hydraulic oil and filter need to be replaced to avoid hurt to the life of the hydraulic pump and motor.

Mixer Truck Oil Cooler–Hydraulic Filter

More than 95% of the abrasive particles and pollutants are filtered out by the filter, and 80% of the pump and motor failures encountered in the workplace are caused by oil contamination of the filter element.
Therefore, choosing a hydraulic filter with high quality is the best way other than regular maintenance and replacement of hydraulic oil.

Transit Mixer Oil Cooler–Control Box

There are two control methods to effectively control the switch of the cooling fan—manual control or temperature sensing control.
The control box circuit is usually directly connected to the chassis battery, and the working will not be affected by pulling out the key.


The next article will introduce the functions and functions of other components, please wait patiently for our update.

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