Common concrete pump parts are an important part of a concrete pump truck. Each component is critical to completing the concrete delivery job safely and efficiently.

The importance of high-quality concrete pump parts

The construction industry is undergoing dramatic changes worldwide due to increased urbanization, which means that the demand for efficient, functional buildings will continue to rise. Using high-quality concrete pump parts helps us get the job done safely, effectively, and efficiently.

How does the concrete pump work?

Concrete pumps can efficiently transport fresh concrete to the desired location through a hydraulic system and valve system. The mixed concrete goes into the hopper and the mixing process continues to prevent solidification. Concrete pumps use a valve system to suck liquid concrete out of a hopper and deliver it to where it is needed.

What are the common concrete pump parts?

Concrete Pump Main Pump Circuit

The main pump circuit is one of the most critical parts of a concrete boom pump.
Piston Pump: The main hydraulic power pump derives its power from a variable displacement axial piston pump using a swash plate design.
Motor: An engine or electric motor powers the main hydraulic pump.
Valve Group: valves, relief valves, check valves, and pilot directional valves that control flow on the main circuit.

Concrete Pump Auxiliary Circuit

One of the most important functions of the auxiliary circuit is to assist in pumping concrete at high altitudes over long distances. The hydraulic function of the mixer is part of the auxiliary equipment.

Concrete Pump Control Panel and Remote Control

The control panel is easy to operate and confirms the condition of the ready-mixed concrete in the hopper. The operator can control the pumping speed according to operational needs, and can also manage the on-site spraying process through the remote control. The digital display indicates when maintenance inspection or replacement is required to better extend the life of the pump truck.

Concrete Pump Piping System

Concrete pipes are durable and can transport concrete to the construction site quickly and efficiently. Prevent concrete from solidifying and hardening during transportation.

Concrete Pump Hose

Concrete pump hoses are durable and corrosion-resistant, allowing them to efficiently and safely pump thick, abrasive materials such as concrete using high pressures.

Concrete Pump Cleaning Ball

Sponge-cleaning balls are also an important cleaning component. After the concrete transportation work is completed, the cleaning balls need to be used to remove the remaining cement inside the concrete pump truck pipes. It should be noted that the pump pipe may push the cleaning ball, and a ball catcher is needed when cleaning the pipe to prevent the cleaning ball from being lost.

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