S Valve

S Valve Working Principle

The action of the distribution valve is completed through an independent hydraulic system, driven by a hydraulic cylinder. They are placed in the hopper, and they swing left and right when working. When pumping, the distribution valve connects the concrete concrete cylinder and the discharge port pump pipe. The piston in the concrete cylinder pushes the concrete into the pump pipe under the push of the main oil cylinder. When reverse pumping, the distribution valve performs the opposite action. From this point of view, the distribution valve actually functions as a switch.

S Valve Structure

Structurally, the valve body of the S valve presents an “S” letter shape. In terms of installation and use, one end of its discharge port is fixed and can only be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise during operation. The other section swings left and right to connect it with the concrete cylinders on the left and right sides.

S Valve Principle

About your concrete pump parts, specifically your S-Valve. As a key spare part of a concrete pump, the S-Valve plays a crucial role in controlling the flow of concrete from the hopper to the boom. which determines the continuity of the pump truck’s work. The distribution valve is connected to the concrete cylinder, and the concrete is squeezed into the pump pipe by the piston and is continuously pumped out. Therefore, it is essential that the S-Valve is durable and can withstand the abrasive nature of concrete pumps.

At SANF, we understand the importance of reliable concrete pump parts, which is why our S-Valve is designed to be highly durable, withstanding the harsh and abrasive nature of concrete pumps. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to create a product that meets the highest standards of quality.

We take great pride in our commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions to our valued clients. Our S-Valve is not only a high-quality product but also a cost-effective solution that helps our clients get the most out of their concrete pumps.

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