Sauer PV23 Hydraulic Piston Pump and Motor are used a lot in Concrete Transmixer Trucks. The drive shaft in the C version has 21 teeth. It is a high-quality spare part for Sauer motors commonly available on the market.

Sauer PV23 Pump and MF23 Motor

Drum6-7 m3 Drum8-9 m3 Drum
Hydraulic pumpHydraulic pump PV 22 (GR 070)Hydraulic pump PV 23 (GR 089)
Hydraulic motorHydraulic motor MF 22 (MK 070)Hydraulic motor MF 23 (MK 089)

Sauer PV23 Pump

The Sauer PV23 hydraulic pump is an axial piston pump with variable output for closed systems. The maximum pump flow is 89 l/min (cm³/rev). It is a pump with the right rotation direction of the drive shaft and mechanical control of the pump output, which has the performance of low noise, high speed, and high pressure, and is mainly used in the concrete pump truck and mixer industry.

Sauer MF23 Motor

The Sauer MF23 hydraulic motor is mainly used in the concrete mixer truck, Its main features are a pass-axis piston pump, hydrostatic transmission, and manual servo-hydraulic variable control.

Technical Parameters

Sauer PV23-089 Hydraulic Pump for Transit Mixer

maximum pump output89 l/min (cm³/rev)charging pressure3.5MPa
maximum flow230 l/minmaximum speed2600rpm
maximum pressure350 barminimum speed500rpm
nominal pressure210 barmaximum disc angle± 18°
shaft rotation directionRightPower[KW]134.40

Sauer MF23-089 Hydraulic Motor for Transit Mixer

Max. pressure350 barFixed Displacement Motor47.17
Max. Displacement(ml/r)89.0Torque at 10Mpa(N.m)144.3
Max. Speed(r/min)2600Out power(at 10Mpa 1500r/min)(KW)542
Nominal speed(r/min)1500Charge Pump Displacement(ml/r)18.0
sauer pv23
mf23 motor

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