Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump

The Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 hydraulic pump is a high-performance hydraulic pump designed for engineering applications. This product features a robust design that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It is also able to handle high pressures and loads, making it perfect for use in a variety of industries.

Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump

This Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump is a high-speed pump of the F series. It has an operating pressure of up to 300 bar, a shaft power range from 22 to 95 kW, and a flow rate from 5 to 62 m³/h. This A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump offers great performance in precision lifting and positioning of rotating or stationary parts.

Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump is the latest generation with a drive-rated power of 31kW at 3.5m head and 62kW at 4.5m head. The pump is designed with high efficiency, a small footprint to reduce useable space requirements, and easy access for service and maintenance.

A2FO16 hydraulic pump
StructureFlange Block BearingsMax Pressure7/8 Inch
TorqueEccentric CollarPower46.308
UsageSpherical Roller BearingDisplacement6
MaterialCast SteelInstallNon-expansion
Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump Datasheet


1) This is a hydraulic pump used in industries such as water, construction, and mining.

2) The Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump is designed for a low noise level, giving it a perfect fit for most applications.

3) The Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 is a reliable, streamlined, and cost-effective solution for increased pressure, flow, and velocity requirements in the process industry.

4) Rexroth is the world’s leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, and motors.

5) Confirm the hydraulic efficiency and hydraulic consumption of your hydraulic pump to help optimize your hydraulic system by using our product.

6) The Rexroth A2FO32/61L-PBB05 Hydraulic Pump is a powerful and robust pump in offer for industrial applications.

7) Rexroth products are engineered to be durable and reliable, and this hydraulic pump is no exception.

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