Concrete mixer reducer gearbox is widely used in the cement and construction industries due to its many advantages. As a rotating star rotor and a rotating side scraper, the double planetary mixer adopts the concept of countercurrent mixing, which can mix the raw materials evenly within a few minutes, and then quickly and effectively transport them to each mixing device to ensure the normal operation of the materials to ensure The operational reliability of the mixer truck.

Working Principle Of Mixer Truck Gearbox

The concrete mixer truck is the supporting transport machinery of the mixing plant. Its main function is quickly transporting concrete from the mixing plant to the construction site. As an important delivery tool, it can achieve high efficiency in concrete transport, reduce the turnover of manpower in the middle, and improve labor productivity.

As the core key component of the concrete mixer truck, the gearbox is responsible for mixing the concrete during the feeding, transportation, and unloading process of the mixer truck, preventing segregation, ensuring the quality of the concrete, and increasing the transportation distance.
In addition, the gearbox also bears the strong impact load encountered by the transport vehicle during high-speed braking, turning, downhill, and other working conditions on the road, preventing deformation and displacement during transportation and ensuring the stability and load balance of gear transmission.

Mixer Truck Gearbox Function

The gearbox is the key core component of the concrete mixer truck. The working principle of the concrete mixer truck gearbox is to transmit the torque output by the quantitative hydraulic motor to the mixing drum stably and reliably at a certain speed through the multi-stage serial planetary gear transmission mechanism of the reducer. It has the advantages of a compact structure, large transmission ratio, large output torque, and high power density.

The gearbox function is to amplify the output torque of the hydraulic motor to satisfy the mixing of concrete during transportation, reduce the output speed of the hydraulic motor, and provide the torque and speed required by the mixing drum. According to requirements, the output flange of the reducer is rigidly connected to the mixing drum through bolts, which plays a role in supporting the front end of the mixing drum and maintaining the installation angle of the mixing drum, and at the same time provides power for the water pump in the cleaning system.

A cleaning system for cleaning the mixing drum is installed on the top of the reducer, which is sometimes used for mixing dry materials during transportation, and also plays a role in cooling the hydraulic system.

Mixer Truck Gearbox Maintenance

1. Since the gearbox is hidden in the casing, it is inconvenient for users to view. Therefore, ensure that the skeleton oil seal is not damaged, and the reducer will not be damaged.

2. Replace the butter every six months.

3. It is best to lubricate the gearbox before the new car leaves the factory.

4. If you want to prevent the mortar from entering the reducer, you can apply a thick layer of butter or basic grease on the circumference of the rotating pinion. If it is convenient to remove the rotating pinion, you can also apply it on the upper end of the rotating pinion, or fill the pinion.

Mixer Gearbox

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