Concrete Pump Putzmeister Filter Change Part II

Concrete pump hydraulic filter

Changing Putzmeister filter for concrete pumps is a really easy process to do. We’re gonna demonstrate step-by-step how we do this.

Step 7 Standard Putzmeister filters were self-flooding filters. This means when you push the filter in, it opened the tank, and then it would proceed to fill the tank or fill the filter chamber all by itself. But this filter is not that style. We have to pre-fill this filter. If you do not, you will destroy your hydraulic pumps.

Step 8 The suction filter adds oil to the closed-loop circuit. It is a true suction filter that is in the tank. So there will be oil coming out of here when we open it up. When we pull the Putzmeister filter out, there is a damper inside the tank, and it will close off the tank so that we don’t drain the whole tank. In order to remove the suction filter, we loosen the nuts all the way to the end.

Step 9 Pull the Putzmeister filter straight back towards us and it will close the damper. Twist and remove the filter. Since the filter is screwed into the handle, So we replaced the handle, clean and lubricate the o-rings, and then reinstalled it in the reverse step. Make sure that the area around the o-ring sealing surface is clean. Take a soft clean cloth and wipe any particulate debris off of this surface.

Step 10 Reinstall a new hydraulic filter cartridge and then reverse to reinstall the filter. When the filter enters the chamber, hit the plunger in the tank, just give it a good wrap, and twist and tighten the nuts down. That successfully changes the suctions filter on this type of pedestal. Once again the cover is sealed by the o-ring, not by the torque of these nuts.

Step 11 This Putzmeister pump hydraulic filter is self-flooding. It means that when we push the filter canister back in, the oil from the tank floods the chamber. Thus pre-filling the filter. There is no need to prime the filter. We use a clean oil source to refill the chamber. You absolutely must do this. if you do not, you will destroy your hydraulic pumps. Try to fill both chambers a little at a time. As it fills up, you’re just looking, to make sure that all the air bubbles have vented out of the chamber.

Step 12 This is not a time to be in a hurry. Once we get it full, we let it set for a few minutes, to let all of the remaining air come out of the filter. Now that we have ensured that the concrete pump Putzmeister filter is completely filled. we make sure plugs and caps are clean, and then we reinstall them in the ports they came out of. Same again with the large plug and we want to make sure that the seal is clean, and then reinstall.

concrete pump Putzmeister filter
Putzmeister filter

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