Concrete pumps can easily transport concrete when and where you need construction work. We need timely repair and maintenance to extend the service life of the pump truck.

Here are some useful concrete pump maintenance tips for you.

At the end of each day after work

  • Check the oil.
  • Check the accumulator gas preload.
  • Check the wash tank for grout and discard the water.
  • Replace any blown fuses.
  • Check your truck’s diesel fuel, oil, power steering fluid, radiator fluid, and tires.

After 40 hours of use

  • Check the grease box.
  • Check the oil level in the pump and the water level in the wash tank.
  • Make sure the boom filter pressure gauge is green.
  • Make sure all strut switches are functioning properly.
  • Check the truck alternator, lug nuts, and belts.

After 100 hours of use

  • Lubricate the entire boom, making sure the turret is not under or over-lubricated.
  • Look for damaged gaskets or leaks on the boom.
  • Check hydraulic hoses for blistering, dry rot, cracks, or wear.
  • Check the switching cylinder.
  • Check the cutting ring preload.
  • Check the truck brake box, airlines, and belt tension.
  • Set the truck pressure to 100 PSI, turn it off, and press the gauge until the switch pops up to make sure the brakes are operating at low pressure.
  • Make sure the truck’s bolts are tight to the frame.

After 250 hours of use

  • Change the oil in the boom pump.
  • If there is oil in the differential cylinder, repack it.
  • Check the water tank for wear and fatigue.
  • Check the cleaning tank for leaks and whether the water level is sufficient.
  • Replace the boom filter and both main tank filters.
  • Check the boom manual valve for leaks and the coil end caps for rust.
  • Check the blast hose for dry rot, cracks, or other problems.
  • Check the legs for leaks.
  • Check the preload on the outrigger chains.
  • Check the cutting ring preload.
  • Make sure the compression seal inside the cutting ring is intact.
  • Check wireless control.
  • Check the hardware box.

Additionally, preventive maintenance on your truck is critical:

  • Replace all truck filters and dump fluids.
  • Check the transmission tower.
  • Check the belt thoroughly.
  • Check the exhaust system, including the turbocharger and muffler.
  • Lubricate the transmission and check internal fluids.
  • Make sure there is no play in the output shaft.
  • Make sure the universal joints and load bearings are in good condition.
  • Check for oil in the first and second transaxles.
  • Check the air tank, air lines, and dryer.
  • Check clutch preload.
  • Check the radiator by blowing air from the engine to the radiator and back.
  • Make sure the slack adjuster can move.

A complete pump inspection should include a careful inspection of all elements including the boom, pipes, pistons, hydraulic controls, electrical controls, cutting rings, stabilizers, gauge plates, and hoppers. Professionals can also check pump maintenance to ensure proper lubrication and adequate oil and water levels.

In addition to the pump maintenance procedures described above, read the user’s manual and safety manual provided by the manufacturer and follow the recommended maintenance recommendations therein. If you need a new pump or any replacement concrete pump truck parts, please contact SANF Company.

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