The SPV23 pump and motor are commonly used in concrete mixer trucks. These components are critical for the proper operation of concrete mixer trucks and must be properly maintained and repaired to ensure long-term performance and efficiency.

SPV23 hydraulic pump

Parameter and specification

The SPV23 hydraulic pump has a maximum flow rate of 140L/min and a maximum pressure of 250 bar. The SMF23 hydraulic motor has a rated speed of 1400 rpm and a maximum torque of 1050 Nm. Both components are designed to be compact and lightweight for easy installation in concrete mixer trucks.

Maintenance and Repair

To ensure the long-term performance and efficiency of the SPV23 pump and SMF23 motor, regular maintenance and repair must be performed.

Regular inspection and cleaning

Regularly inspect the Sauer PV23 pump and Sauer PV23 motor to check for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Clean the components regularly to prevent any contaminants from entering the system and causing damage.

Lubrication of SPV23 hydraulic Pump and Motor

Ensure the components are lubricated according to the manufacturer’s specifications to keep them running smoothly and extend their lifespan.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Pump/Motor SPV23

Perform regular maintenance to replace any worn or damaged parts, such as seals, gaskets, or filters. This will help prevent leaks and ensure the system operates at peak efficiency.

Proper operation of Hydraulic SPV23 Pump and Motor

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operating the SPV23 pump and motor to prevent any damage or overloading.

Professional repair SPV23 Pump and SMF23 Motor

If any issues are found during regular inspections or if the components are damaged, it is recommended to have a professional repair the system to ensure proper functioning.


The SPV23 pump and SMF23 motor are essential components in concrete mixer trucks and must be properly maintained and repaired to ensure optimal performance. By following proper maintenance procedures and addressing any issues quickly, the longevity and efficiency of these components can be maximized.

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