The concrete pump truck is an indispensable tool for daily work, but due to the wear resistance of concrete and improper operation, the concrete pump truck will be worn and the service life will be reduced. Although wear and tear is inevitable, we can reduce the wear and tear of the pump truck through regular repair and maintenance.

Concrete pump problems caused by wear and tear

Ignoring daily repairs and maintenance is the main reason for serious wear and tear of concrete pump parts, leading to more money spent on repairs. Understanding the common causes of concrete pump wear and which components are most likely to fail can help your concrete pumps reduce wear and tear.

Concrete Pump Blocked

Pump blocking is one of the most common problems encountered by concrete pump owners and operators. When no concrete flows out of the end of the pipe and the pressure in the pressure gauge rises, it means the concrete pump is blocked. Transporting concrete is the job of a concrete pump truck, so when the pump is blocked, the pump truck has no use value.

When no other mechanical problems are present, blocks are usually caused by:
Poorly mixed or poor-quality concrete was used.
Concrete pump truck operator’s operating error.
Worn pipes on concrete pump trucks.
Neglect of routine repairs and maintenance.

How to prevent concrete pumps blocked

Start by ensuring that the concrete pump is used correctly by an experienced operator and that only high-quality pumpable concrete materials are used. Perform routine maintenance after use, such as cleaning your pipes to remove any hardened residue that could cause future blockages.

Concrete Pump Piston

Pump pistons are critical to the function of a concrete pump because they push concrete through the pipe. Due to the nature of this task, your pump piston will wear out with use. Under normal wear and tear, your pistons will only need to be replaced occasionally. If they appear to be wearing out too quickly, this could indicate a problem with another part of the concrete pump, such as the lubrication or hydraulic system.

If the parts of the pump truck are in normal condition, you can consider replacing the piston with a high-quality one. While lower-quality pistons are less expensive, they will wear more with use and need to be replaced more often, and they will end up costing you more money in the long run.

Almost all concrete pumps on the market have small fittings, seals, and fixtures called wear parts. These parts wear the most during machine use and require the most frequent replacement. Pay attention to worn parts and replace them promptly when they begin to appear damaged, otherwise, more extensive damage to your machine may occur.

Protect your concrete pump

Regular repair and maintenance is the most effective way to protect your concrete pump from damage to wearing parts. Although it may take time and cost a little money, the investment in maintaining your machine will go a long way in protecting you from unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.

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