How far can a concrete pump transport?

In the past, concrete was mainly transported by wheelbarrows, buckets, and shovels, and it was difficult to transport to hard-to-reach areas due to the short setting time of concrete. Today, the use of concrete pumps has revolutionized the construction industry as they allow workers to streamline the entire process and deliver concrete at higher speeds to previously unreachable areas. What’s more, concrete pumps eliminate much of the manual labor involved in traditional methods, making construction sites safer.

Types of concrete pumps

There are two types of pumps used to pump concrete in construction: boom pumps and line pumps. Boom pump systems are truck-mounted and are ideal for pouring large volumes of concrete quickly and efficiently. They are also great for projects involving elevation.

In-line pumps are more compact and are usually attached to a small trailer. They use hoses to distribute concrete horizontally. Although they offer more versatility and flexibility than boom pumps, line pumps are less efficient.

The boom pump reaches a distance

Boom pumps are a practical option for larger projects that require large volumes of concrete to be distributed. One of the most significant advantages of boom pumps compared to pipe pumps is the vertical delivery of concrete. This feature is ideal for construction projects involving multiple floors and where builders need to transport materials at high altitudes.

The length of the boom pump varies based on the size of the truck. The small boom pump has a vertical reach of over 32 meters and a horizontal reach of almost 28 meters. The large boom pump has a vertical reach of over 56 meters and a horizontal reach of over 52 meters.
Small boom pumps are ideal for jobs that require smaller reach and greater mobility, and larger boom pumps are better suited for wider jobs that require streamlined delivery in high-rise applications.

The pipeline pump reaches a distance

While in-line pumps dispense much more slowly than boom pumps, their flexibility makes them better suited for smaller projects, such as residential applications involving swimming pools or repaving driveways. In-line pumps can go as far as the hose will allow. Many pipeline pumps can easily transport concrete over distances of more than 50 meters.

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