Concrete Hydraulic Pump—Eaton 5423-715

Eaton heavy-duty variable displacement pump

The Eaton heavy-duty variable displacement pump contains a rotating cylinder barrel and pistons. The displacement control directs control pressure to the two servo pistons that position the swash plate. The variable pump is powered into stroke and springs, on the servo pistons, bring it out of stroke. The swash plate pivots on tapered roller bearings. A bol-on charge pump, with a cartridge-type charge pressure relief valve, is available in four displacements. One lever controls direction, varies speed, and provides dynamic braking. This ease of operation, in conjunction with a wide variety of control options, allows Eaton hydrostatic transmissions to be readily adapted to many applications.

Eaton 5423-715 Hydraulic Pumps

Eaton 5423-715 Hydraulic Pumps is a piston pump for heavy-duty applications that delivers higher horsepower and torque in a smaller package. The unit works with up to five times greater fluid capacity compared to other pumps of the same size.

Eaton 5423-715 Hydraulic Pumps is a heavy-duty and reliable piston pump for your industrial needs. The piston has a large volume, so it can handle the toughest liquids. The kit also includes a nozzle to control the flow rate and a suction cup attachment for use in confined spaces or underwater.

Eaton 5423-715 Hydraulic Pumps Datasheet

Charge pressure relief valve setting: 15 barFlow at rated speed and psi:318 litre per minute
Charge pump displacement: 21 cubic centimetres per revolutionMaximum input torque: 371-newton metre
Control supply orifice diameter: 0.052 inchMinimum working pressure: 420 bar
Displacement: 89.13 cubic centimeters per revolutionWorking pressure max: 480 bar


1) Eaton 5423-715 Hydraulic Pumps offer high performance at an affordable price.

2) Keep your engineering equipment in top shape with our piston pumps.

3) The performance of the pump is better and can function in an array of liquids.

4) Eaton 5423-715 Hydraulic Pumps are made with a 360° smooth running and quiet design.

5) This product will provide easy installation, durability, and quality.

6) Improve efficiency and productivity when working with piston pumps by reducing changeover time.

7) Compatible with all types of fluids, these pumps provide a long service life and easy maintenance.

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