The Eaton 5423-518 Hydraulic Pumps are designed for professional engineering use. These pumps are available in both single and twin-cylinder configurations and are offered with a range of output capacities.

The Eaton 5423-518 Hydraulic Pumps are constructed from high-quality materials and are backed by a warranty. They are perfect for applications that require reliability and performance, such as water or gas pipelines.


1) These pumps are ideal for industrial applications because they have a heavy-duty, 3/4-inch female bushing with an NPT port.

2) The performance of the pump can be improved.

3) Our innovative Eaton 5423-518 Hydraulic Pumps offer increased efficiency and performance.

4) Tired of creating a new custom design every time you need a piston pump? We save you the headache by selling the same exact pump over and over.

5) Improve hydraulic performance in heavy-duty applications.

6) More torque, less noise, and greater efficiency.

Eaton 5423-518 Hydraulic Pumps

The Eaton 5423-518 Hydraulic Pumps is an electric pump designed for intermittent duty. It has a magnetic drive; the waterproof motor is housed in an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing.

With Eaton 5423-518 Hydraulic Pumps you will experience a smooth design, easy installation, and outstanding performance. Our pumps are very reliable, so you can count on them for years of dependable service.

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