Eaton 5423-016 piston pumps are designed for engineering use. These pumps have a professional tone and are built to last, making them the perfect choice for high-volume applications.

Eaton-5423-pump motor

Eaton 5423-016 Hydraulic Pumps

Eaton’s 5423-016 Hydraulic Pumps are specially designed to relieve the stress on the pump by eliminating wear and tear. In addition, this product is made with a hollow piston that can carry a load of up to 2,000 lbs and can flow more than 5 liters per minute.

The Eaton 5423-016 Hydraulic Pumps are available in two-stroke and four-stroke versions—durable construction with multiple features like rubber cushions, O-rings, seals, and improved housing.


1) Manufactured in the United States

2) The advantage of Eaton 5423-016 Piston Pumps over the competition is reduced cycle time.

3) Replace your old piston pumps with these high-quality, low-maintenance, industrial-grade Eaton 5423-016 Piston Pumps.

4) Save time and money by buying the Eaton 5423-016 Piston Pumps on a site other than Eaton.

5) Our pumps provide a significant vibration-dampening capacity, low friction, and low wear for reliable performance.

6) The Eaton 5423 Hydraulic Pumps provide the engineer with a balanced lift and a reliable, long-lasting pump.

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In conclusion, a concrete pump truck is a complex piece of equipment that relies on a variety of components to function properly. Understanding the role of each component is crucial to maintaining the safety and efficiency of the truck. Whether you are a construction professional or a homeowner, choosing a concrete pump with high-quality components is important to ensure that it is regularly maintained and serviced.

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