Concrete Mixer Maintenance in Different Period Part II

Quarterly Maintenance of Concrete Truck Mixer /600 Hours

1. Check the front and rear bearing block, clamp fixing, etc.

2. Tightening torques according to the operating instructions.

3. Carry out left and right in direction of travel.

4. Visual inspection of the welds for possible deformations.

5. Check the water tank mounting, and tighten screws, torques .

6. Move hand lever from drive position to compressed air in tank.

7. Check the safety valve and pressure reducing valve for correct functioning.

8. Check if the ladder can be pushed out without much effort and if it can be

locked in the driving position without rattling.

9. Check sufficient spring tension for secure chute fastening.

10. Check remote control tension and gear rack control for correct pump and gas adjustment.

11. Functional test of start/stop device only at idle and applied the handbrake.

12. Check the electrical system for correct functioning cabling without bends and abrasions.

13. Check hydraulic lines and hose connections for tightness and abrasion.

14. Check the screwed connections for the concrete mixer gearbox.

Sauer PV23 Hydraulic pump

Roller And Pin for Mixer Truck

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