The Strongest Tips for Concrete Pump Maintenance

Good maintenance is the key to the good operation of the concrete pump truck. The operator must have the ability to maintain concrete pumps according to the instruction manual, and strive to achieve planned maintenance and preventive maintenance, so as to effectively reduce the failure rate of the concrete pump truck.

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Daily Checking Items for Concrete Pump


Periodically (every 10 days or every 50 working hours) drain the sedimented water at the bottom of the fuel tank before starting the work of concrete pumping. Check whether the concrete piston is working well and make sure no mortar seeps into the water tank.


Check whether the gap between wear ring and the spectacle plate is normal. When the gap between the wear plate and cutting ring is greater than 1mm, the gap should be adjusted. When the gap is greater than 2mm, it is advised to replace the cutting ring.


Be sure to fill the lubricating tank and all lubrication points with grease. Filled the water tank with clean water. Check the working condition of the lubrication system. You should see that the indicator rod of grease distributors moves back and forth, and there is grease overflowing at the position of the upper housing and mixer bearing flange.


Check the outside of the cooler. If there is any dirt, clean it immediately, otherwise, it will easily cause a higher oil temperature. Check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system and whether the seal of the fuel tank cover is loose. Check whether there is water and air intake.

Monthly Checking Items for Concrete Pump

1. Check the indication of the vacuum gauge and the filtration of the hydraulic filter element.

2. Check the wear condition of the concrete pump wear plate, cutting ring, and concrete pump pistons and replace them if necessary.

3. Check the wear condition of the concrete pump S tube, upper housing, outer housing, mixer shaft, mixer paddle and agitator bearing flange, etc .

4. Check the wear of concrete delivery cylinders. If the chrome layer is seriously worn, it should be replaced.

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5. Check the grease level of the gearbox and the rotary reducer to see whether it is necessary to refill or change the grease.

6. Check whether the air pressure of the accumulator is sufficient. The charging pressure of a large accumulator is 10–11MPa.

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