How to Use Accumulator Charging Tools Correctly?

A complete set of concrete pump accumulator nitrogen filling testing tools includes transition joints, pressure regulating valves, unloading valves, pipes, pressure gauges, etc.

Nitrogen Filling Tool for concrete pumps


Nitrogen Filling Tools for concrete pump line


concrete pump tools for Nitrogen Filling


How to properly charge nitrogen?


First of all, you need to choose a suitable multi-degree connector. Usually, there are 4 transition connectors as standard. Do not choose the wrong one. Screw the transition joint on the interface of the accumulator’s bladder, taking care not to damage the intermediate sealing ring to prevent air leakage. It is recommended to apply butter to the sealing ring appropriately. Then use the pressure regulating valve to screw on the excessive joint and pay attention to the alignment of the thimble.

Pay attention to the following: the thimble must be aligned with the transition joint, then gently twist the pressure regulating valve, and withdraw the pressure regulating screw first, so as not to damage the tool and the concrete pump rubber bladder.


Accumulator Charging Steps


Step 1:

Unscrew the protective nut of the concrete pump accumulator charging valve, and connect one end of the charging tool with the pressure gauge to the nitrogen cylinder and the other end to the accumulator. The nitrogen input from the nitrogen cylinder must pass through the pressure-reducing valve.

Step 2:

1. Slowly open the gas valve of the nitrogen cylinder. When the indicated value of the pressure gauge reaches the specified value (8.5-9MPa), close the valve of the nitrogen cylinder and keep it for about 20 minutes to see if the pressure drops. 2. Disassemble the connector of the inflation tool to the concrete pump accumulator end, and remove the inflation tool. 3. Tighten the protective cap of the accumulator safety valve.


The concrete pump accumulator can only be charged with nitrogen, and the charging pressure must be in accordance with the regulations.

Nitrogen Filling Tools


Nitrogen Filling Tool



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