Concrete Mixer Maintenance in Different Period Part I





Daily Maintenance of Concrete Mixer /10 Hours


1. Check that all Spare Parts for Concrete Mixer Truck are securely fastened.

2. Turn the drum to mix at 1 to 2 rpm.

3. Lubricate drum ring of concrete mixer truck .

4. Check the swivel arm lock of concrete truck mixers.

5. Check the chute lock of transit mixers .

6. In case of high outside temperatures, check the function of the concrete mixer cooler fan.

Weekly Maintenance of Concrete Mixer Truck /50 Hours


1. Visual inspection of the frame for possible cracks.

2. Visual inspection of the fender brackets for possible cracks.

3. Check the concrete mixer cooler fan function by visual inspection.

Monthly Maintenance of Concrete Truck Mixer /200 Hours


1. Check the hydraulic pump and motor for leaks by visual inspection.

2. Check the oil level.

3. Lubricate the cardan shaft to the hydraulic pumps.

4. Check the cardan shaft for clearance.

5. Lubricate the carrying rollers of the concrete truck mixer.

6. Lubricate lubrication points of the swivel chute.

7. Check the oil level of the concrete mixer gearbox.

spare parts for concrete mixer truck





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