How to Maintain Concrete Delivery Cylinder?

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How to Improve Service Life of Concrete Delivery Cylinders ?

During concrete pumping ,it is easy to cause premature damage of some spare parts if the parts are used improperly. This increases the maintenance cost of concrete pumps and mixer trucks, and seriously affect the concrete pouring process.  How to improve the service life of concrete delivery cylinders ? SANF technical expert will advise you the following tips.

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1. Pay Attention to The Lubrication of Delivery Cylinders

Automatic Lubrication

The system is filled with lubricating grease every time when it is pumped. For automatic lubrication, it is necessary to check the grease circuit regularly. Once the grease circuit is blocked, the piston ram , piston seals, and conveying cylinder will wear faster.

Manual Lubrication

For manual lubrication, the operator should regularly replenish the grease, usually once an hour. REMEMBER: When refueling, be sure to jog the piston to the lower part of the vertical refueling point so that the grease just enters the groove in the middle of the piston.

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2. Pay Attention to The Water Tank

The operator should also pay close attention to the water tank. Once it is found that the water is cloudy or there is sand in the water, it indicates that the piston may be worn, and the piston needs to be replaced in time, otherwise, the piston and concrete pump cylinders will be seriously worn. If the water becomes cloudy again after replacing the new piston, it indicates that the conveying cylinder is worn out . You can judge whether the delivery cylinder is worn by measuring the cylinder diameter. 

In addition, the water temperature of the cooling water in the water tank is also very important. If the water temperature is too high, it will also increase the wear of the concrete pump piston, and the cooling water in the water tank needs to be replaced frequently. Don’t wait until the cooling water appears mortar to change it.


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