charge pump for concrete mixers

  The Function of Charge Pump

  in Closed System

  • Provide cooling oil to the system and lower the temperature of the hydraulic system.
  • Maintain the pressure on the main system loop.
  • Provide controllable pressure to the control loop.
  • To supplement the oil loss caused by internal leakage, and to avoid damaging the transmission under any driving and braking condition.

How to Install Charge Pump Correctly ?

NO. 1

Pay attention to the chamfering direction of the large and small gear rotor to avoid reverse installation of the charge pump.

NO. 3

The contact surface of charge pump and the main pump must be flat and free of impurities.

NO. 5

Check the guide copper sleeve before and after the charge pump for serious wear and replace it if necessary.

NO. 2

The correct direction of the charge pump can not only cover the crescent position but also install the screw normally.

NO. 4

The sealing ring on the installation surface of the charge pump must be of the right size. 

NO. 6

The flushing pressure of the main pump will also affect the pressure and service life of the charge pump.


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