In a fast-paced industry like construction, a concrete pump is one of the best machines you can choose for your construction site. Concrete pump trucks can achieve high productivity in a short time, greatly improve work efficiency, and ensure that plans are completed on time. So using a concrete pump is the most efficient option for mixing and pouring concrete.

Boom Pump

Boom pumps use a flexible arm called a boom that can extend up to 57 meters in the air, so boom pumps are suitable for use in high-rise buildings. Before the popularization of concrete pumps, workers needed to drag concrete buckets to the working height. This process was very time-consuming and required workers to provide a lot of labor to complete. Boom pumps can pour concrete directly on the working surface to shorten the time.

Line Pump

In-line pumps are mounted on a trailer or truck. The truck capacity of the pipeline pump is smaller than that of the boom pump, so it is mainly suitable for construction projects with horizontal transportation on the ground, such as the pouring of residential roads and driveways. Lines can be connected directly to hoses for greater flexibility and control on ground-level projects.

Five advantages of concrete pump trucks

Concrete pump trucks provide efficient work

Speed is one of the most significant advantages of concrete pump trucks over other methods of placing concrete. Because the piston system works to deliver a steady stream of concrete through the hose, placing concrete with a pump truck takes less time and labor than traditional transportation methods. Under optimal conditions, the entire pouring process takes just one hour from start to finish.

The accuracy of a concrete pump truck saves time. Boom pumps and line pumps provide more precise placement than traditional methods because their flexible extensions allow you to place concrete exactly where you need it. With fewer errors, you’ll be able to complete cleaner work faster and spend less time cleaning up errors.

Pumped concrete has higher strength

The concrete pump truck can quickly transport concrete to a designated location, reducing the time for concrete to solidify. Moreover, the moisture content of the concrete transported by the concrete pump truck is less than that of traditional transportation methods, which can ensure that the concrete withstands greater pressure and is less likely to crack. Project Lasts longer with less maintenance.

Use the concrete pump anywhere

Concrete pumps can be easily installed in any space, whether on the ground or in the air. Boom pumps are particularly suitable for hard-to-reach areas because they can be extended over large structures such as homes and landscaping.

Ensure projects are completed on time

Concrete pump truck placement requires fewer employees and equipment than other methods. Only two people are needed to operate the pump – one to watch the hose and the other to control the concrete pump truck. Moreover, the concrete pump has a high workload and can complete the work extremely quickly.

Concrete pumps can also be used safely in bad weather and dark environments. The durability and stability of concrete pump trucks also ensure that construction projects will not be delayed.

The construction site will be safer

Since the concrete pump truck can extend to a large area, just park the pump truck at the designated location and then extend the hose to the place where concrete is needed to start pouring. Concrete pumps also require fewer personnel to operate, reducing site congestion and improving work safety and efficiency.

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