Correct Installation of Hydraulic Pumps / Motors


10 Important Tips for Correct Installation of Hydraulic Pumps / Motors

1.For newly replaced hydraulic pumps or motors, the hydraulic oil and filters of the entire concrete pump need to be replaced and the hydraulic system needs be cleaned.

2.During installation, please keep the entire oil circuit of the hydraulic pump or motor clean, and do not operate with gloves.


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3.Pay attention to the rotation direction of the hydraulic pump during installation, and do not rotate in the opposite direction.

4.The main shaft and other parts of the hydraulic pump are strictly prohibited from knocks under any circumstances.

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5.Be sure to check the smoothness of the oil inlet, outlet and return oil before installation.

6.When using hydraulic pump for the first time, be sure to drain the residual air of the hydraulic pump and system at idle speed.

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A2F016 boom pump

7.When using hydraulic pump for the first time, please make sure to start the driving power source first, and it is strictly forbidden to start directly.

8.When using hydraulic pump for the first time, it is strictly forbidden to work with a large displacement when the concrete pump is cold. Please preheat with the minimum displacement first.

9.The installation of new or repaired hydraulic pumps / motors must be completed under the guidance of reliable professional technicians.

10.For new hydraulic pumps or repaired ones that are not installed, remember to fill the oil port and the housing with hydraulic oil or do anti-rust treatment.

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